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lmportant Information: Please note that your registration will not be confirmed until you have filled this registration form completely and accurately and we have received all support documents required as part of our hiring process.

Teacher/ Tutor Application Form:

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Terms & Conditions for Teachers/ Teaching Affiliates:


  1. Terms & Conditions for Teachers/ Teaching Affiliates:

  2. We are looking for well-trained, dedicated, hard-working, and professional tutors in private tutoring, who are willing to accept challenges and travel to teach to the student's place.
    The applicant must have a degree, graduate, or maters in the relevant subject or qualification.
    Interested tutors for online tutoring jobs must have a good internet connection, uninterrupted power supply, and Graphic Tablet to take online classes.
    Learn@Click (LAC) works on an 80: 20 Tuition Fee sharing Basis. 80% of the Monthly Fee will be paid to Teachers, whereas; 20% of the Monthly Fee is received by LAC as a service Fee.
    We charge a commission of 30% for lump-sum or short-term (One month or less) tuition fees.
    All Teachers/ Teaching Affiliates will be paid a Monthly Fee at the end of each month.
    All Teachers/ Teaching Affiliates will be responsible to complete the period for which they will be hired. In case of failure to do so, will result in Black-listing of that Teacher/ Teaching Affiliate and no further assignment will be given to him/her.
    All Teachers/ Teaching affiliates have to complete their Monthly Allocated Teaching Hours during the same month. In case of any missing class, a make-up class has to be arranged at an agreed time with the student.
    If no make-up class is arranged, the deduction for the missing classes will be made by LAC.
    40% of the commission received (of the 1st month) is paid to those who refer some tuitions to us. All tutors can also avail this opportunity.
    All Teachers/ Teaching Affiliates are required to follow all professional and Moral Rules during their classes. Use of any inappropriate language or any physical touch is not allowed. Guilty of any such act will be black-listed.
    Corona Vaccination is Mandatory for all Teachers/ Teaching Affiliates in case of Home/ Face to Face tuitions.
    In case of any additional Paid classes required by the student, the Teacher/ Teaching Affiliate will inform LAC, who will decide additional Fees with the Parents. If a Teacher/ Teaching Affiliate will take any extra classes or will teach any extra subject to an existing student without informing LAC through Email/ Whatsapp, he or she will be black-listed and will not be provided with any further assignments.
    Your ranking among LAC teachers/ teaching affiliates depends upon the provided criteria.

  3. Ranking Criteria for Teachers/ Teaching Affiliates:
    Silver Member:
    Qualification: Undergraduate or Master's Degree.
    Experience: Zero to 2years
    Training: Basic
    Gold Member:
    Qualification: Undergraduate or Master's Degree.
    Experience: 3 to 5 years
    Training: Cambridge or other relevant.
    Diamond Member:
    Qualification: Undergraduate or Master's Degree.
    Experience: 6 to 10 Years
    Training: Cambridge Advance Level or other relevant
    Platinum Member:
    Qualification: Undergraduate or Master's Degree.
    Experience: More than 10 Years
    Training: Professional Level

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